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Executive Director's Message

Welcome to Pepin Academies, where “belonging leads to learning”! Founded in 1999, we are independent, tuition-free, public charter schools that serve students with learning disabilities in the Tampa Bay Area (currently Tampa, Riverview, and New Port Richey). We believe that students with learning disabilities have so much to offer our communities and value providing a therapeutic educational environment to aid in meeting their varied developmental and intellectual needs. Through our personalized approach to providing the most appropriate accommodations determined in the Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) that all students in our school must have, our students with learning disabilities find a sense of connectedness, community, and find educational success in ways not often achievable in tradition school settings. These results are academic gains, social-emotional growth, and paths towards future success as productive members of their communities after high school graduation. Be it post-secondary education, enrollment in our transition program, or employment in the workforce, at Pepin Academies, we realize no one defined path is right for all students, but all students have a right path. I encourage all parents to be share in defining these paths with the school and become actively involved in our success. You are an essential part of our student’s lives and can have huge impacts on our communities; we need you!


Personally, I am proud to be the Executive Director of our schools and honored to work with such an amazing highly-qualified staff who are committed and dedicated to their craft and our students. I believe whole-heartedly that every student deserves the right to an education that meets their needs and guides them towards achieving to their fullest potential in a safe, supportive environment. I am proud to play even a small role in achieving that type of education at this remarkable institution. For those considering our schools, please explore our website and consider signing up for a tour. For those who are part of the Falcon Family, I am humbled that you have chosen us as the school to help your students soar. 




Jeff Skowronek, MST, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Pepin Academies