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Q: What grades does Pepin Academies serve?

A: 3rd-12th grade with a transition program for students up to 22 years of age who defer receipt of their diploma. 


Q: What does my child need to be eligible to apply?

A: Students must have a learning disability and an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).


Q: My child has a 504, does that qualify?

A: No, Pepin Academies is an ESE center. All students must have an IEP to attend.


Q: My child doesn’t have an IEP; how do I get one?

A: To be eligible for an IEP, students must meet specific eligibility criteria as described in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act criteria. You may contact your local school district to find out more information.


Q: Why does Pepin Academies start school in July?

A: Pepin Academies follows a modified calendar to help reduce retention loss over the summer. Students have the same amount of total school days as the school district but have more breaks throughout the year and a shorter summer.


Q: How much is tuition?

A: Pepin Academies is a non-profit public charter school. There is no tuition. 


Q: Is it too late for me to apply?

A: Pepin Academies is always accepting applications. There is a deadline each year to be included in the annual lottery, however you may apply to be added to our waitlist at any time. 


Q: Can I apply online?

A: Due to the number of documents required all applications and documentation must be mailed in or dropped off at one of our campuses. 


Q: Can Pepin Academies request the required documents from my child’s school?

A: No, Pepin Academies is not able to request documents for a student who is not currently enrolled. A parent/guardian must request copies of the records from the child’s current school.


Q: If my child is on the waitlist how long will we have to wait to be accepted?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to predict when a spot will become available. Once all spots are filled in the annual lottery the only way a spot will open is if a current student withdraws.


Q: What therapies does Pepin Academies offer?

A: For students who qualify, therapy is provided, at no cost, with access to social workers, mental health counselors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, sensory integration, and speech language programs.


Q: What extra curriculars are available for students?

A: Pepin Academies offers athletics, clubs, performing arts as well as after school social opportunities for students.


Q: Do students have to wear a uniform?

A: Yes, Pepin Academies students are required to wear a uniform.


Q: Does Pepin Academies provide transportation?

A: No, Pepin Academies is not able to provide transportation. However, there may be resources available to assist families with transportation needs.


Q: Does Pepin Academies offer Before or After Care?

A: Yes, all Pepin Academies campuses offer Before and After Care programs.


Q: What are the school hours?

A: Instructional hours are 8:30-3:15


Q: What are the lottery dates for the 2024-2025 School year?
A: Applications Due: February 25, 2024
Lottery held: March 19, 2024
Parents will be notified of lottery results: April 5, 2024